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I live in a world , which seemingly eccentric , for I came from a land where the roosters crow and deliriously wake me up from nostalgia , my own nostalgia ; and in which the sun , the stars , & the moon would meet . I don't experience much of winter nor autumn here . My name is derived from the earliest saints , but the thing is , I am a female . I am currently in the grade after elementary , just add 2 years . I don't like to talk much of my self , for I am much of an wallflower ; but most would disagree . I write poetry and I live in a country which there are several monsoons & much tropicale , but I somewhat fit in just right . I am a amateur poet , a volleyball player , a swimmer , a tennis player , a writer , a editor a photographer & an amateur designer . I'm sorry . I do like to boast . A lot .

That is all about me . For now .